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When it comes to brand promotion on social media sites like Instagram, products can be showcased more competently to the public if there is an effective online coverage. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you would find yourself stuck in the accelerating competition  of convincing your consumers that you are the best.

But the million dollar question as to why  you have not been able to get LIKES would haunt you and the reasons maybe that:

  • Probably you’re using low quality pictures
  • You lack a good campaign base to grow your social presence
  • Your posts are not reaching quality consumers
  • Or maybe, you haven’t thought of buying  likes in a bulk!

What are the benefits of Instagram likes?

  • A great launch: Who wouldn’t want an exclusive jump start for their products and services on Instagram? When you buy likes from a reputable seller like us, you need not worry about starting your promotion from “zero”. You would already gain an excellent launch.
  • Campaigns and success: With ‘n’ number of likes, you will eventually also gain some followers. This would help you in putting forth your campaigns successfully, as many of your current followers would share and publicize them.
  • Increase in sales: When your profile gets credibility among your fans, you would naturally gain more traffic to your website. This is the best way to also increase your sales too.
  • A step closer to success: When there are many likes attached to you, the Instagram users will be more curious to know about the services you offer. You eventually gain more profits through web traffic and sales. Hence, your business will grow, taking you closer to success!

Well, when you buy Instagram Likes, you will most likely automatically see a noteworthy improvement in followers and shares along with an extraordinary improvement in your visibility. As a result, your online presence will also be rated and ranked based on the number of likes you hold in your profile. This would aid you to be on par or overtake your competitors. It is important to note that people do not rely on a new product, until it is cherished and being followed by the majority of people.

Why is buying instagram likes important?

In today’s cutthroat online world, where any consumer would love to have the best product or experience the most reliable service, a business without a significant  visibility on Instagram will fail to impress the users. You would never want your potential customer to skip your posts when they see that you are not being followed! When you are a bigger brand that wishes to spread the fan base to audience in all countries, then having a bunch of real likes is important. We give real-looking and permanent LIKES that will not drop down.


Buying Instagram likes will open the doors for tremendous lead generations. The likes you buy will ignite your profile and might even get you to the top of Instagram popularity panels. With every like you also gain a good share, ensuring that millions can view the photos. Whether you are a photographer who wishes to show high definition and exclusive photos to people, or an artist, who wishes that your paintings be sold on high rates, or an entrepreneur who wants to drive traffic to a website, buying instagram likes will pave way for profits and great promotion.

Likes and social proof:

If you are promoting your business via social media, it is essential to start building a perfect sales channel. Here is where social proof comes into action. Social proof is nothing but a psychological occurrence, where people are agitated to learn from the actions of others, which is basically the part of  a consumer behavior. It is also a conformity that happens in the minds of people. When it comes to online marketing, social proof is the positive influence that occurs when a person finds that there are many others doing a particular thing. And on Instagram, this proof is in the form of “Likes”. If you are an amazing product waiting to be discovered, then buying likes will help in an increase in the number of visitors to your profile.

What’s the bottom line?

When users find that there are a lot of people liking your photos, then there is also an informational influence that is spread, which says that your business is one among the best. Buying likes is definitely going to help in being an influencer on the Instagram market. For any business, the greatest challenge would be consumer attention. But with the help of our exclusive packages, you can create a niche in the social media world at affordable prices. This way, you can inform new users about how good your product or service is and even existing users on why they made a chic choice!

Why choose us?

At CiiNow, we have crafted our distinctive Instagram Likes packages to suit your requirements.  Being a reliable website for many consumers, we constantly develop our service to serve you better. We do not provide any fake-looking “Like” base and we give you the safest service throughout your purchasing process.  Our team of seasoned professionals puts great effort in aiding consumers to launch themselves exclusively and effortlessly with the help of genuine likes.

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