Cloud Gaming Technology

The CiiNOW Cloud Gaming solution has been architected for scale, cost, and ease of service deployment. It is a powerful proprietary platform, which leverages virtualization technology to deliver a cost-effective game delivery network.

The CiiNOW Advantage

  • Innovative Streaming
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • CPU/GPU Virtualization
  • Cross Platform
  • End-to-end Solution
  • Fast Deployment
  • Multiplayer
  • Active Spectating
  • Pause & Resume
  • Better Streaming — Dynamic streaming with up to 1080p support
  • Better Encoding — Supports both hardware and software encoding to optimize low-end and high-end gaming
  • Better Quality — Graphics are crisp and high definition
  • Better Virtualization — Runs on ANY hardware and is optimized on a per CPU/GPU/Game basis
  • Better Client — Lower CPU usage reduces minimum client device specifications
  • Better Latency — Lowest end-to-end latency on the market and significantly lower than consoles


We are laser focused on providing the best Cloud Gaming technology – to prove that, we conducted tests to accurately determine what level of latency exists in the network loop, and more importantly, we’ve been working to minimize it as much as possible.

The basic components of latency are:

We used the following parameters to test CiiNOW’s technology against other industry platforms:
  • Same PC, TV, Cable, Network, Game, Game scene
  • Ping time measurement while gaming
  • High speed (240 fps) camera
  • Shoot the scene from button to action
  • Take multiple latency measurements and then average
  • Normalize results based on server distance
  • Each frame is 4.166ms
  • CiiNOW vs Ubitus test performed using public servers in Korea

The Results

CiiNOW, Inc. is the premier provider of Cloud Gaming technology.